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Actual Fantasy Value Versus Public Perception

Often times a player’s actual fantasy value is quite different than the public perception. This concept is age-old and second nature to seasoned fantasy sports veterans. It’s a topic we can always benefit from a quick dusting up on though, as we all regress to old...
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Top Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks

Yesterday we saw excellent performances from the majority of our top fantasy baseball daily picks! I managed to take down a few solid prizes with the pitchers in my top fantasy baseball daily picks, and the matchups I recommended mini-stacking paid dividends for those that mixed...
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Fantasy Player Interview | Emac

A familiar name in the daily fantasy sports scene highlights this week’s fantasy player interview. Eric “Emac” MacPherson, a noted daily grinder, ascended the standings alone after 376 rosters had finished duking it out for daily fantasy supremacy. His roster...
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