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Five Guys Daily Fantasy Sports Top Plays 3-31-14

We get the best of both worlds with our daily fantasy sports top plays for the next two weeks!

Major League Baseball opening day is upon us, and combined with the NBA regular season hitting the stretch run it signifies one of the most exciting times in the daily fantasy sports world. Until the regular season ends for basketball our daily fantasy sports top plays will feature players from both sports. This should be an exciting way for all of you daily fantasy basketball junkies to make the daily fantasy baseball transition easier. Tonight features the $11 event in the $28,000 3-Pointer tournament series. First place will take home a slick $500 for their troubles, and if you haven’t already entered I would highly advise doing so. With that in mind let’s dive into tonight’s daily fantasy sports top plays.

Five Guys Daily Fantasy Sports Top Plays

Matt Barnes $8,900 - We’ve seen Barnes produce before, especially in fast-paced matchups like tonight’s tilt against Minnesota. He also played 100% of his minutes at power forward when Blake Griffin went down with an injury, and we often see small forwards receive a boost in productivity when they transition to that slot.

Jeff Baker $4,800 - Baker is batting second for the Marlins, and his career splits versus lefties can’t be understated. Jorge de La Rosa is one of the weaker pitchers taking the mound tonight.

Tyreke Evans $13,200 - Evans has performed like a man on fire against his former team, averaging 23.0 points, 7.7 assists, and 6.3 boards in three meetings. Given his current usage rate and the fact that Anthony Davis may be out I feel extremely confident.

Giancarlo Stanton $10,100 - It’s common in daily fantasy baseball to load up against one pitcher. Just like Baker above, Stanton crushes weak lefties.

Gordon Hayward $10,500 - The Knicks play awful perimeter defense, and Hayward has taken his game to a new level in the month of March. Add in his substantially better splits at home and you have a solid bargain for this price.

Question of the Day: Which sport’s opening day is your favorite, and why?

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