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Fantasy Sports Live is like playing no limit poker, except instead of playing with cards you're playing with real life athletes.
- Anonymous
Every play counts when your entire fantasy football league is on the line every Sunday. Fantasy football does not get any better than this.
- Madden
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Is this service legal?

Yes, the fantasy sports contests offered by FSL comply with all requirements for fantasy sports contests of skill, and as such are legal for most U.S. and Canadian citizens to play in and for us to operate.

Isn't this gambling?

The fantasy sports contests offered by FSL are games of skill. Varying degrees of skill, but skill nonetheless. The contests are specifically exempted from status as "betting or wagering" in accordance with the UIGEA of 2006. So don't worry about jack-booted G-Men kicking in your basement door in the middle of the night.

How do I open/fund an FSL account?

Buy a computer, one with this new fangled "internet" thingee. Set it up according to the instructions provided. Get thee forthwith to the website. Click on the open an account button on the home page. Fill out the form and create an account. Once created, you can fund the account via PayPal or credit card. Minimum deposit amount is $20 and the maximum deposit amount is $600 for credit or PayPal.

Why do you want my mailing address?

The mailing address is required for credit card deposits and withdrawals by check. Credit cards used for deposits must match the mailing address on your FSL account, and cash out requests by check will be mailed to this address. This is done for fraud protection. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for further information.

Is my money safe?

Yes, we accept only major payment options like Credit Cards and PayPal. We are also a U.S. Corporation, and not some foreign company incorporated on a tiny island in the Caribbean run by a French guy with an unpronounceable name that looks suspiciously like a woman's.

Why is an FSL account required?

Our contests are daily and form in real-time. For quick registration into rapidly forming contests, as well as ease of prize payout we require you to have a funded FSL account to participate. This will also give you the opportunity to come up with a hilarious user name to amuse both friends and opponents alike. Withdrawals can be made via PayPal or check at anytime.

How does the Instant Initial Deposit Bonus Work?

When funding a new account for the first time, we offer an instant deposit bonus. Instant bonus funds are added to your account balance immediately and can be used to enter contests. We understand that what we are doing is different and we want you to be comfortable with how everything works before using your own money. An initial deposit of $100 will receive a $10 instant deposit bonus. All we ask is that you use the instant bonus funds to enter contests prior to making your first withdrawal. We tried to see if management would allow us to let you withdraw your initial deposit plus the bonus immediately, but for some reason they would not go for it.

What if I clicked through an FSL Ad that promised more, or I have a bonus code?

If you click through from an FSL Ad or enter a valid bonus code on the registration page when opening your account, you may be eligible for a larger instant deposit bonus. The maximum instant deposit bonus with a code or click through requires a $200 initial deposit. The deposit screen will show the amount of the bonus you will get based on the amount you are depositing so you can see what you will get for different deposit amounts with a code. I never thought it would be this hard to give away free money.

Are the prize pools really guaranteed?

Yes, all contests that have at least two competitors at the start time are official and will pay out the listed prizes even if the maximum number of entries is not met. Contests with one or fewer entries at the scheduled start time will be cancelled.

Why are contests with only one entry cancelled?

There are many rules that we must comply with to offer you lawful online fantasy contests. The contests are required to be games of skill. Without someone to compete against, the skill element is removed from our contests. Who would want to play with themselves? Er ... by themselves.

How accurate is the live contest scoring?

Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football contests are updated using a real-time feed. While highly accurate, the real-time contest standings are for informational purposes only. At the time of contest completion, the standings will be updated with final, official fantasy scores and the prizes will be distributed.

What is the source of your player statistics?

FSLs statistics come from The Sports Network, a leading provider of real-time sports statistics and a bunch of really good guys you'd like to drink beer with.

How do I make a withdrawal of my account funds?

Win! Cash out requests are by check mailed to your mailing address on file. Cash out requests via pay-pal are also offered. Cashout requests are processed in 2-3 business days. The delay is in place for fraud protection. We may offer faster withdrawal methods in the future.

What if I don't like the contest structure or other things about FSL?

Please let us know by contacting us at [email protected]. We are breaking new ground here, and with your feedback we can make things even better. While we can't give you any credit for your ideas, if they are good we may use them to improve our offerings.

How do trades, and free agents work?

Since fantasy teams on FSL are drafted for a single day's set of events, there is no need for any of that complicated stuff. Simply draft the starting team you want for the day's games and play.

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliates help us spread the word about the site and obtain new players. Affiliates receive a portion of their sign-up's revenue and the warmth of knowing they've shared something great with the world. If you are interested in becoming a FSL affiliate please send an email to [email protected].

What other sports do you offer?

We currently offer Fantasy Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Stock Car Racing. Select college sports will be added over time. We can also offer other sports if enough people want them. Sorry, but we don’t have plans to offer fantasy Ping-Pong.

What is a bonus code?

A bonus code is used to track your account to an affiliate. You will often get a better deal at sign-up by using a bonus code, so be sure to use one if you have one. Enter the bonus code when you open your account unless you hate free money.

How do I change my Account Information?

When you are logged in, you can click on the my account tab and update your account information. You will not have the option to make yourself more handsome.

I forgot my login ID what do I do?

You login ID is your email address. You're pretty much on your own as far as remembering that.

I forgot my Password, what do I do?

Click the "forgot your password" link after clicking the login button and we email a link you may use to reset your password. The link can only be sent to your FSL email ID on file.

Do I have to pay taxes, on my contest winnings?

Possibly. Users are responsible for any tax obligation on contest winnings as required by their local jurisdiction. For individual prizes of $600 or larger we require the winners Social Security Number prior to disbursement. We report these types of prizes as required by law. As a seasoned wagerer, you should know gambling with the IRS carries a steep house edge.

Contest FAQs

How do I enter a contest?

You will need an open and funded FSL account. Click on a contest in the Contest Tab that you are interested in. In the contest's window, you will see all the details and be able to register by agreeing to the terms and contest fee amount. After registering, you can start drafting your fantasy team

How long do I have to select my draft?

You have from the time you register, until the start time of the contest to complete your draft. The contest window will switch to a count down timer as the start time approaches. If you don't like who you selected, then you probably drafted too many Devil Rays. If it's not too late, click on the position you would like to update, and choose a player more likely to put some numbers up.

What do the values in the "CAP" column mean?

The CAP column in the contest lobby is where we indicate the contest's draft method and cap size. "No" in this column indicates our no salary cap draft method. "Auto" in this column indicates our automatic draft method. A number with "pts" after if indicates the number of Ranking Cap points you can use to build your fantasy team. A number with a "k" after it in the Cap column indicates how many thousands of dollars in actual salary you can spend on your team for the day using the Salary Cap draft method. We also change the raw values of the caps as another way to add variety to our contest structures. If you think the cap values are too low, you may want to use the "No Cap" method and spend like there is no tomorrow.

How does the Automatic draft work?

Each competitor indicates their top fantasy player selections in order at each position for an 18-player fantasy team. At the start of the league we will use a modified snake draft to select the 9 starting players that will be scored for you and your opponent. None of your starting fantasy players can be the same as your opponent’s with this draft method. The 18-player team with the lowest ranking cap total picks first. If cap values are equal, the first registrant in the league would get to draft first.

What is a modified snake draft?

A modified snake draft is designed to minimize the advantage of going first in a snake style draft, and is used in our automated draft fantasy leagues. In a modified snake draft the draft order goes like this 1 2 2 1 1 2 2 1 2 with the second overall pick getting one extra first selection in the nine overall rounds. For baseball leagues the pitcher is selected in round 1. For football leagues the quarterback is selected in round one. For other fantasy sports it may be an advantage to get the second pick overall. See the rules tab for draft order details by sport.

How does the salary cap draft method work?

You are given a fixed amount of money to spend on your fantasy team, Steinbrenner. This is not a Yankee-Red Sox arms race. Each player has a cost for a single day of work on your team. Your entire fantasy payroll must be at or below your salary cap.

How is the player salary cap cost determined?

The salary cap cost of individual team players is based on the actual salary per game of the player, so stay away from Scott Boras clients. For individual sports (Auto Racing, Golf...) the salary cap cost is based on the average amount won per event. The total salary cap cost of your team represents what you would actually pay your team for the one game. It is wise to avoid overpriced veterans, and Gil Meche, and find under priced rookies and up-starts to assemble a competitive team. For the vastly underpaid players, a minimum cap amount is used.

It will not let me select a player in Salary Cap, how do I fix this?

Get better at math. Failing that, select players that have a lower cost then what you are trying to select. In the contest window you can see your total payroll next to the allowed salary cap amount. Pick a team that fits under the salary cap amount and you can complete your draft.

How does the "No Salary Cap" draft work?

This is a specialized option we offer for those of you who drive Hummers. The no cap draft lets you pick whomever you want, regardless of their salaries. It is a nice way to build your own personal Dream Team.

How is the Player Ranking Cap cost determined?

The Ranking cap cost of individual players is based on the average fantasy points per game for that player. Now you may draft underachieving Scott Boras clients without blowing through your cap immediately. The total ranking cap cost of your team is proportional to the average number of fantasy points your team scores. Things get a little tougher with this kind of cap. You now need to be looking for the streaking players and good match-ups as average performance is fully represented by the ranking cap value. For total duds and players with limited fantasy history, a minimum ranking cap amount is used.

Can I unregister for a contest?

No, once you register for a contest, you may not unregister. Are you unregistering? There's no unregistering in baseball!

What if I don't complete my draft in time?

Team selections are frozen at the start time of a contest. Any unselected positions will be left empty, and will not be scored. It is suggested you enter a contest that leaves you enough time to sort out your lineup/draft. We wouldn't want you to rush and injure yourself. 10-15 minutes is usually plenty of time, unless you like to do regression analysis of your selections or whatever that means. As the count down clock gets low, it may be time to make those decisions you have been putting off. Also, please note that we don't put seconds on the clock and we don't push out constant refreshes, so you may want to finish up your selections with a couple minutes to spare. All contests close to new entries two minutes before the start time. Only the very fastest clickers dare register at that point.

How is the fantasy draft pool determined?

The fantasy draft pool consists of players who meet minimum games played and fantasy scoring requirements (nearly all active players). The draft pool is frozen while contests are registering, with the exception of roster moves made by real world teams in the contest. For example, trades and call-ups can hit the draft pool in real time. You may want to check the draft pool late if you are aware of a trade or other roster move. Qualifying new fantasy players are added to the pool during periodic cap updates while leagues are not forming. You may also email support if a specific player seems to be missing and we can add them with the next update. Player positions are frozen at the position that they have played the most at recently. This applies to dual-defined position players and Designated Hitters. Not every fantasy league contains every game on the current day's schedule, so make sure to check the games listed in the contest lobby, if your favorite star player seems to be missing.

There is a warning box that turns from red to green as I am completing my draft. What is this for?

All fantasy teams in FSL contests must comply with the rules for fantasy sports outlined in the UIGEA of 2006. Until you draft players from more than one event or game you will not be in compliance. As you begin your draft this will be the case. In most cases, this warning will quickly go away as you make your draft selections. If you complete your draft and the warning is still in place, you have an invalid fantasy team. Update one or more of the positions on your fantasy team until the window turns green. If the red warning is still in place at the contest start time, your fantasy team will be disqualified from the contest, and you will not be eligible for any prizes in that contest.

Do I have to draft a complete fantasy team?

You don't have a ton of funds so why waste some on that dud TE or Catcher? You are not the first to think this way. We will not disqualify you for having a short fantasy roster as long as it meets the legal requirements of containing players from multiple games or events. The way our draft interface works, you enter a league and then draft your team. Also, when making roster changes, you remove a player first before adding a new player back. We do not think it would be fair to DQ someone who ran out of time drafting or updating their fantasy team, and were locked out of a complete team. Also, going short on a fantasy roster is not considered to be an advantage. It can't really help at all in a Salary Cap or No Cap league. In the Ranking Cap leagues, you are giving up another position where you could potentially out score the player's cap value. This increases your variance, and actually lowers your overall chances slightly. So go ahead and play baseball without someone to catch the pitches if you think that will help you get the win.

What happens if the player I select does not play?

Speaking of pulling a will not earn any fantasy points for that position. If you find out that a player you have selected will not play, you can update that position prior to the start of the contest in the contest window.

What if one of the games is cancelled or rained out?

You will not earn fantasy points for players in cancelled or rained out games. You may want to check weather forecasts prior to selecting your team. We obviously can't wait until the game is made up at a later date to settle the contest, so this is why we are forced to take this approach.

What is a sub-daily contest?

A sub-daily contest is a single day contest that does not use all of the available games or events for that day. An example would be night games only for baseball, or the early games only for football. It's another way we can offer you more choices in our contests.

What if there is a double header?

We only schedule the second game of a double header in most cases, so no trying to get two games worth of stats for your players.

When are the prizes paid after a contest?

Most contests are completed (results are finalized) within one hour after the last game is completed. Prizewinner's will have their FSL accounts credited at that time. Occasionally, if there is difficulty obtaining official results or issues with contest scoring, the contest will not be completed until the following business day.

Why do you limit the number of contestants in each contest?

This is done for full disclosure and your protection. This way, you will know the maximum fees we will receive and how much we will pay in prizes before you enter the contest. Anything less would be unfair to you, our valued customer. Other fantasy sites do not limit the number of contestants, but we refuse to operate that way. We also like round numbers.

Can I make money playing these contests long-term?

Yes, unlike nearly all competing fantasy sports contests, ours can be beaten long-term. A player with a high level of skill in drafting a team, in combination with our industry leading payouts, can make money long term from competing in our daily fantasy contests. Do you have what it takes?

I forgot which contest(s) I am entered in, how do I find it?

A list of all contests that you are currently registered for is listed in the My Contests section of the Contest page. You must be logged in before these will show up. We do not, however, know where you left your cell phone.

How can I see the other teams in my contest?

When a contest is in ''running'' mode. You can view an opponents team on the leaderboard in the contest window. You can also see the individual fantasy scores of all players and openly mock your opponents' horrible selections.

I will not be available to register the day of the contest, can you pre-register?

For baseball and other daily sports, contests will begin forming around 7:30PM eastern time the night before the contest starts. For Football and other weekly sports, the contest will start forming on the Monday morning before the first contest. There is no way to pre-register, but you may register for any contest once you see it forming in the lobby.

What if I want to play in a private contest?

We do not currently offer Private password protected contests. We will offer these in the future. We currently do some custom contests that can be semi-private. Send an email to support if you are interested.

Do you offer freeroll contests?

We currently do not offer free public contests. We do offer some private contests with no entry fee that require a password. With a minimum initial deposit, you can get an initial deposit bonus you can use to try the site out for free. We also have contests with entry fees as low as $1.

What if I don't agree with the results of a contest?

Our contests final results are computed using the official statistic feed from The Sports Network (great guys, remember?). The official statistics represent the official box score at the end of the game. All results are final once the official results have been obtained. Changes to game statistics made after the initial official statistics have been received will not be considered. If you believe there is a material error in the final contest results, you must notify FSL by email with-in 24 hours of the contest completion time.

Can I pick all of my players from the same team?

That's a fantastic, outside-the-box idea, Captain Boredom, but no, a fantasy sports team can't be an actual team. A fantasy team must also have players from multiple games. Our software will warn you (red draft status) if you have not yet selected players from multiple games. Red draft status teams at the time a contest starts will be disqualified, and will be ineligible for any prizes for that contest.