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Fantasy Sports Live Update 4-28-14

Some rather disturbing news over the weekend came out about the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his racist comments, find out what CrazyGabey thinks! On a brighter note we are pleased to announce Operation 1ucror, ever wnated to know what it is like to be a...
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mlb fantasy top picks

Five Guys MLB Fantasy Top Picks 4-28-14

Weather concerns and a short slate mean our choices for MLB fantasy top picks are limited. With only seven games on the slate it’s tough to diversify your picks as much as you’d like. Generally in cash games you want exposure to multiple games, as anything can happen...
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daily fantasy strategy

Operation 1ucror - Introduction

Welcome to Operation 1ucror. My journey playing daily fantasy sports for a living. Lucror | Latin | Ethmology | From lucrum (“profit”) Pronunciation (Classical) ‘lu.kror Verb: I gain, acquire, profit. Looking back on it, picking the screen name 1ucror may have been a bit cocky or...
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