Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Week 7

  QB Rank PLAYER PRICE MATCH-UP 1 Cam Newton $13,800.00 Packers 2 Russell Wilson $14,600.00 Rams 3 Colin Kaepernick $13,750.00 Broncos 4 Philip Rivers $15,750.00 Chiefs 5 Aaron Rodgers...

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Top Five Fantasy Football Sleepers - Week 7

I’m looking to hit it big once again this week with my top five fantasy football sleepers. 5- Bishop Sankey (TEN), $8,300 @ (WAS) Sankey saw his most extensive work in his rookie season...

Top Five Fantasy Football Quarterbacks - Week 7

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Dual threat quarterbacks are well represented in my top five fantasy football quarterbacks. 5- Aaron Rodgers (GB), $17,700 vs (CAR) With a point total of 49, and the Packers sitting as seven...

Top Five Fantasy Football Running Backs - Week 7

One thrifty option joins some pricey backs in my top five fantasy football running backs this week. 5- Le’Veon Bell (PIT), $13,750 vs (HOU) Bell’s lack of touchdowns (just one this...

College Fantasy Football Picks Week 8

Dominate Week 8 with these college fantasy football picks! College Fantasy Football Quarterbacks JT Barrett, Ohio State, $18,200 Barrett brings the unusual combination of high-floor and...

Denny’s Deals - Week 7 Fantasy Football Defenses

You’ll cash in with these Week 7 fantasy football defenses. We got exactly what we asked for with two of our four Week 6 DraftDay defenses: units that would benefit from considerable leads...

Top Five Fantasy Football Wide Receivers- Week 7

Variety is the spice of life, and the top five fantasy football wide receivers for Week 7 reflect that. 5- Justin Hunter (TEN), $8,250 @ (WAS) When a player is priced at a sleeper price point,...

Top Five Fantasy Football Tight Ends - Week 7

The top five fantasy football tight ends are more than just glue guys. 5- Jared Cook (STL), $7,500 vs (SEA) Cook was once again the apple of Austin Davis’ eye on Monday night. ESPN credits...
Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Week 6

  QB Rank PLAYER PRICE MATCH-UP 1 Peyton Manning $18,600.00 Jets 2 Matt Ryan $15,400.00 Bears 3 Kirk Cousins $12,150.00 Cardinals 4 Ben Roethlisberger $13,000.00 Browns 5 Russell Wilson...

Football, the granddaddy of all fantasy sports. By and far the most popular of all fantasy sports offerings, fantasy football is as American as apple pie!

Daily fantasy football offers a new and exciting way to experience fantasy football, rewarding you for being the football fanatic you already are.

In season long fantasy football, keeping up with news on every player is great, but you’re limited to strategic decisions involving the players on your specific team. Sure you can trade with other owners, but we’ve all been in those leagues where half the players “fall asleep” and neglect to respond to trade offers.

It can be unbelievably frustrating, especially when you’re locked in for the next three months!

Enter daily fantasy football, the trading aspect is replaced with the ability to choose from the entire pool of players each week! No more wasting a hot lead on that breakout free agent because your waiver position was awful. If you’ve done the research, the entire league is your oyster!

Three of your players got injured this week? No problem. Just shake it off and prepare to draft an entirely new squad next week!

Want to get paid off for intricately knowing each team’s matchup against one another? In season long fantasy sports knowing that the Patriots offense is going to carve up the Texans secondary is a useless fact if you don’t own any New England players. Not in daily fantasy football! You can make sure your rosters are loaded with high upside sleepers and studs in plus matchups.

Tired of chasing down Uncle Jack for league fees? Don’t want the hassle of managing a bunch of overgrown children for three months?

Are you ready for a daily fantasy football experience that’s a cut above your average league? Use the daily fantasy football strategy articles above to gain the maximum edge over the competition. The Fantasy Sports Live strategy articles are updated regularly so be sure to check back often for top daily fantasy football picks.