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MGT Welcomes Nick 1ucror Dunham

I had a chance to talk with the newest addition to the MGT team — Nick 1ucror Dunham.

Not even Christmas could get me this excited. After years of anonymity, Nick 1ucror Dunham and Charles condia Chon have broken their self-imposed media silence in a huge way. The daily fantasy industry was taken by storm with the recent announcement from FanThrowdown parent company MGT that Nick 1ucror Dunham and Charles condia Chon would be joining the MGT team. These two daily fantasy juggernauts are ready to give back to the community, and are on board with a sole focus in mind — creating the best possible daily fantasy user experience.

My talk with 1ucror kicks off with the number one question on everyone’s mind — how do you pronounce his name? Like all good screennames it has an entertaining story behind it, and I think you’ll be interested to hear just how relevant it actually is.

After a bit of lighthearted banter we moved onto more serious discussion, and a full picture began to emerge as to why these prodigies decided to bring their skills to MGT. Both players have numerous ideas on how to improve the daily fantasy user experience, and partnering with a company like MGT just seemed to make sense. Both entities have their eyes locked onto the future, and though Nick 1ucror couldn’t reveal any specifics just yet, it’s safe to say the impact of these two will be felt sooner rather than later.

You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled to the future as MGT moves forward with this partnership at the forefront. You can expect positive changes and uncompromising commitment to you the player as we set our sights dead ahead.

What are your thoughts on 1ucror and condia joining MGT? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. michael Reply

    great interview. this site is on the move !!!

    • CrazyGabey Reply

      Indeed we are! Just wait and see what happens next 🙂

  2. Stumpman Reply

    Looking forward to see and experience the changes that 1ucror and condia will bring to MGT and Daily fantasy sports as we need some changes to shake things up. Knowing these two will be consulting and not playing is a relief too as both of these guys have been beating me on several Daily fantasy sports website over the past few years. Good luck to both of them and MGT.

    • CrazyGabey Reply

      Thanks for the comment! I’m excited for the future too!

  3. Simon Kuntz Reply

    How can MGT prove that these daily fantasy leagues/tournaments are not a scam? Yes, Nicholas Dunham is proof that someone can win big, but it clearly is not the case for everyone. Obviously the fantasy industry is growing rapidly; thus, companies can increase profits by increasing revenue. Why would I want to play on a website that employs arguably the two most successful daily fantasy players to date? Sure, both Mr. Dunham and Mr. Chon can offer excellent advice for possible improvements to the overall fantasy experience. Of course Mr. Dunham will state his “intention is not to play on the site,” but intentions are not guarantees.

    I’ll admit I do not know all laws in regards to fantasy gaming, but I feel it would be hard to prove if “1ucror” and/or “Condia” are offering advice to employees within MGT to limit other players’ winnings. To clarify, how do I know that these two fantasy experts are not working behind the scenes with MGT to create “fake” accounts in order to limit payouts to players outside of the company?

    I applaud MGT for reaching an agreement with these fantasy studs because it could create persuasive marketing campaigns. Everyone wants to be the best, so why not advertise a chance to potentially beat the best player? I’m just skeptical on the online fantasy gaming industry as a whole. I feel it is too easy for a programmer with access to the website to change entries once real games have begun. It can create an unfair playing ground.

    With all that being said I really enjoyed the interview. It is always a good thing to stumble across new knowledge and ideas. I look forward to seeing what MGT has planned in the future.

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